Sunday, November 6, 2011

Rosie's Dollhouse


The Tiny Keyhole said...

Gorgeous house, I love the furnishings as well and excellent photographs.

ahses said...

good afternoon! I love both the beacon hill and rosie house, they are beautiful! if possible
can you please tell me the names of the main coulours you used on the siding of the houses? please feel free to email me @

Helpless or Hopeless said...

Hi Rosie, I just wanted to say I love your Garfield. But Rosie how did you go about electrifying it? I am building A Garfield but I have come to a stand still. I know where I want to put my lights but it`s is the transformer end as well as when I run the tape wire up the wall behind the fireplaces how do I get to put the tape over the standard floor and under the wooden flooring that I am adding? I mean if you cannot twist it how do you go about electrifying the rooms below? The rest of the house does not phase, me but this does. Thinking of just sticking the lights on without the power. Helpless or Hopeless.